For copyright holders (Complaints)

The AMIROV.NET server operates in accordance with the laws on data protection and copyright.
All material posted on the site is content that is freely available for download and viewing on the Internet. The collection of materials available on the Internet and their placement in the catalog is carried out automatically. In this case, the site administration does not exercise control over the added content. The site administration also does not carry out activities related to the publication of unlicensed content, illegally stolen and protected by copyright holders. The automated system publishes only publicly available material from open sources to our servers.

Our resource is always ready to cooperate with copyright holders. If you are the copyright holder of any material on the site, and if you do not want this or that material to be used without your consent, we are happy to cooperate with you. To remove material from the site, you will need to send the documents below to the contacts listed below.

Documentary evidence of your rights to copyrighted material:

1) A scanned document with a seal, or email from the official mail domain of the copyright holder’s company, or other information that allows you to uniquely identify you as the copyright holder of this material.
2) Direct links to site pages that contain data published in violation of copyright.
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